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Peace at Cottage Hospital

April 23,2024
Opening of the Carol Burnett Gallery, Celebrating Women Artists of the Central Coast. So incredibly honored to be included as one of the four women Artists exhibited in the Gallery at Cottage Hospital. Best part was meeting Carol Burnett.

Cottage Health art

Carol Burnett Women's Gallery - Cottage Healing Arts

Carol Burnett Women's Gallery

March, 2024
Working with Aethetics Inc, Images for prints for Dignity Health - Mercy Medical Center, 2nd floor, Merced CA

January, 2024
Working with Aethetics Inc, Images for prints for the UCI health, Irvine Medical Campus.

September, 2021
Fine Art prints on Canvas created by Corridan Gallery for Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas, working with Aesthetics Inc.


January, 2021
Beautiful floating prints on metal as triptychs, created from my images, for Cottage Hospital's Haselton Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) by Aesthetics Inc


December 5, 2020
Beautiful floating prints on metal created from my images for Cottage Health by Asthetics Inc


July 2016
Working with The Cearnal Collective, "Peace, a Quiet Evening" a 40" x 120" triptych fine art reproduction
by Luminare Fineart Editions, for a bank in Montecito.


January 2016
Working with Atsthetics Inc, 2 large fine art paper prints for the Glendale Adventists Medical Center.


October 2015: Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas

Aesthetics Inc Contracted me to create a diptych of Moonlight Beach in San Deigo, for a new waiting room at the Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas. The original paintings are 30" x 40" oil on canvas. The 18" x 24" studies I painted to win the commission are available for sale.


January 2015

Two Hundred and Forty One Steps

Working Robin Ficara Fine Art 340 Prints were made by Luminare Fineart for the Bacara Resort on the Gaviota Coast.



Fall 2014: 9 large fine art paper prints the Goleta Valley Medical Center by Karen Fedderson


Summer 2014: Lompoc Valley Medical Center
Champion Rehabilitation Center

35 canvas prints for all the downstairs hallways.


2011 Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Healing Arts Commission,
Main Lobby Murals:

Along with hundreds of other Santa Barbara artists, I responded to a "Call for Artists" for the Cottage Hospital Healing Arts program. Several months after I submitted my work to the company managing the project, Aesthetics Inc. I received a request to do a second submittal for the 8' x 23' art niches located 19' above the floor of the Main Lobby of the hospital. The only guidelines were to provide "Iconic images of Santa Barbara" that would be in keeping with the concept of Healing Arts. Bill and I combed the whole Santa Barbara area from Casino Silo to the Harbor and the beaches. We found two views that inspired these murals. A view across Santa Barbara's West side over State Street and the Riviera to the Santa Ynez Mountains glowing in warm winter evening light became "Peace, A Quiet Evening". For the other Triptych we went to the end of Mission Creek at the ocean near Stern's Wharf. We chose a bright, fresh (and chilly) early morning after a storm for "Hope, A New Day". I painted two 5 foot long "maquette" paintings while Bill did CAD drawings showing the construction and scale of the Triptychs to complete the submittal. Weeks later we were very pleased to find out I had been awarded the commission. Then reality set in and we began 10 months of work to complete what was by far the biggest art project I've ever even considered. After we installed the paintings on December 9, 2011 I spent the next several weeks hibernating. In 2012 we worked on Limited Edition Archival Canvas Prints of these Triptychs in sizes from 20" x 60" to 40" x 120". These are on display at Corridan Gallery

cottage hospital art

"Peace, A Quiet Evening" - Triptych -6'8" x 20'0"

cottage hospital art

Hope, A New Day - Triptych - 6'8" x 20'


February 2012 Montecito Magazine
Cover and Feature Story Art:

montecito magazine cover story art Christine Flannery, the Art Director of Montecito Magazine called to discuss a commission to paint images for the Spring / Summer 2012 Edition of the magazine. She requested that I visit the Historic "Huskalow" Estate, a home designed by Reginald Johnson, located at the top of Mission Ridge in Santa Barbara. My husband Bill and I went to the home and met the gracious owners, Jim Knight and Janice Cook-Knight. They showed us through the house and around the property and we saw that there was a lot to paint. The views from this lovely property were breathtaking. From one side of the house I sketched the view from their courtyard across Santa Barbara to the ocean and Channel Islands. From the other side of the home we saw a spectacular vista of the Santa Ynez Range.

After spending a wonderful afternoon at "Huskalow" we had sketches an photographs for many paintings. The hard part was to narrow down the concepts to a few that would best depict the essence of the property. These five paintings were the ones I chose and the editors of the magazine used them all.

Montecito magazine cover story art

Hill Top View

montecito magazine cover story art

Through the Pepper Trees

montecito mag cover story art

Stone Steps

courtyard view

Courtyard View


Earlier Commissions

I have had the pleasure to do commissioned paintings for many of my clients. The client shows me the place of their interest. They may indicate the time of year and time of day that they enjoy being there the most. I will then go to the location and study the possible compositions in various light conditions. After sketching and photographing the area I return to the studio to create the painting. If the client likes the piece and wishes to purchase it, they can. If not, I have a beautiful artwork to add to my collection and exhibit elsewhere. Telephone or e-mail me to discuss having a painting done of your favorite place. See examples of commissioned paintings below. Several of these pieces have been used to create Limited Editions on canvas, which are available.

emma woods state park

Solimar Beach Walk

emma woods state park

Solimar After the Storm


Santa Barbara Bank & Trust - Garcia Architects - 10' Triptych canvas print by Karen Fedderson

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust large print placed

The Pond in Vineyard

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